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Why the Mainstream Media Ignores Climate Change

  There is much to be desired in the mainstream media’s coverage of energy politics and climate change, but perhaps the single most important fact that gets consistently overlooked—that is scarcely apprehended by the general public and yet comes to … Continue reading

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On the roots of our skyscrapers: The development of Toronto’s extractive economy

It was not until recently that I learned that Toronto is the financial headquarters of the global mining industry. It is possibly our best-kept, and deepest, darkest secret. For the 8 percent of our city that works in finance that … Continue reading

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Overcoming fatalism in Idle No More

It may be difficult to fight for a future we cannot yet imagine, but that is what decolonization has come to mean for me In the four months since its emergence, Idle No More has been called paranoid, naïve, ineffective, … Continue reading

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Imperial bodies: Nation-building and the first wave’s eugenics

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