Academic Papers

This is a compendium of academic papers I wrote during my undergraduate studies at McGill. Ornery and procrastination-inclined as I was while there, these projects have ultimately shaped my understanding of western history, particularly in reference to gender relations, patterns of settlement, and modes of cultural and ideological formation. Most of them look little better than rough drafts, but they may be helpful to students working on similar projects in the future.



Gated Communities and the Oil Boom in Los Angeles County

Activism and Invisibility: Caryl Chessman, George Jackson and the California Prison Movement 1954 – 1977

Thomas More’s invention of utopia: From thought experiment to manifesto

The California Gold Rush and the Emergence of Open-Entry Mining in the United States

Women in Hamas: Islamic feminism within a nationalist struggle

Imperial bodies: Nation-building and the first wave’s eugenics

Marxist Discourses on Gender and Utopia: A Study of Imperative and Millenarian Rhetorics

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